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At the IMF Family Association, in addition to English classes, we provide Spanish classes and  French conversation group for spouses and partners of IMF Staff, Contractual and Vendors.

Do not miss this opportunity to improve your Spanish or French in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with other international spouses! 

This program helps our members develop their language skills and their personal network within the IMFFA community. It may also help parents in maintaining the native language of their children (whose other parents speaks Spanish or French).

  • The Spanish class is provided by an IMFFA volunteer and is generally composed of 8-10 students. It is typically held at the IMFFA office location (1919 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW). Our students commit to two sessions of two hours per week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 10.30am to 12.30pm, over a three-month period. During the year, we offer three sessions: Fall (October-December, 9 weeks / 18 classes); Winter (January-April, 12 weeks / 24 classes); Spring (April-June, 8 weeks / 16 classes).
  • The French conversation group is facilitated by an IMFFA volunteer, it is also composed of 8-10 students and held at the IMFFA office location. Our members can apply and join the program throughout the year. Further information will be shared by the organizer in September to interested members.

Places are assigned on a first come first serve basis. We try to welcome as many students as possible, however, priority may be given to newcomers if the number of applicants exceeds capacity. Spouses from the World Bank and IDB are also welcome to join subject to availability.

The students are responsible for the cost of textbooks.

For further details please contact Adolfo Argüello, Education Chair, IMFFA Board at education@imffa.org.

The information above are subjected to be reviewed every season, since those activities are running by volunteers.