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Event Co-sponsored by Mary Nash – Education and Childcare Counselor at the Fund and IMFFA.


Most families of the employees of international organizations speak at least one language other than English at home.  These families face the same challenge: how to help their children preserve their native language and culture while residing in the US.  Join us for a presentation and Q&A to learn about the different options available for maintaining and developing a native language, as well as the benefits of doing so. Presenters: Rudi Matuschek, Administrator, My French Classes (MFC) – French Saturday School and Kerstin Hopkins, Principal, German Language Courses (GLC) – German Saturday School.

 Presentation 1 (20 minutes)

  • Observations about language learning in a multi-lingual environment
  • Language learning during different developmental stages
  • Available options in the Washington, DC area

Presentation 2 (20 minutes)

  • The parent perspective: how will my child reach and maintain proficiency in my language?
  • Saturday Schools and other case studies
  • Benefits of language learning

Q&A (20 minutes)

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