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Our Clubs

Please note: this is just a list of our clubs. For further information check out the “Upcoming Events” page and get the latest updates about our clubs and events. Or you can send an email to office@imffa.org or clubs@imffa.org.

Book Club

Toddler Club

Scrapping Book Club

Men’s Club

Meditation & Wellbeing Club

Kaleidoscope Dance Club

Ikebana Club

Hiking Club

Gourmet Club

Expectant Parents and Infants Club (EPIC)

Cultural Trips Club

International Cooking Club

Yoga Club

Have you found the club that you have been looking for? You can create your own!

Send an email to office@imffa.org and get all the information that you need about our clubs. We love hearing you!

For volunteering opportunities, send an email to volunteer@imffa.org

Our volunteers organize all the activities and events offered at the IMFFA.

If you are interested in working as a volunteer you can contact us. We will be happy to help you identify the activities that may interest you and that will allow you to develop your skills and experience.

You will be able to participate in regular activities or in special one-time events depending on your interest and your availability.

Make new friends, face new challenges, find new opportunities.